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Finding the right advertising agency is crucial to business success. When you work with an advertising agency that understands your business and knows the best ways to advertise it, you consistently reach your customers, get the most from your ad money, and sell more products and services.

Here at Sophia we know that every penny counts and our dynamic approach to negotiating means that we obtain the most cost-effective solutions the market has to offer.

Understanding the power of TV is a fundamental part of Sophia. TV has the ability to engage the viewer not only visually but emotionally which makes TV an immensely powerful tool for advertising and understanding how viewers interact with this medium is one of Sophia’s strongest points. At Sophia we understand what tunes people in, turns them on and ultimately how TV’s engagement with the consumer can strengthen your brand.

Regional and national press advertising has seen many changes over the last few years and the media team at Sophia has kept a close eye on these changes and through our understanding of the marketplace we can advise on the best way to reach your target market. Backed up with a full voucher copy service you can be confident that your budget will go further and work harder than ever before.

We understand the power of radio both on a national and regional level. Radios one of the most efficient mediums at targeting specific audiences, it can reach people at relevant times and places and reaches out in an ad avoidance world. Using the latest statistics and our knowledge of the industry means we are able to buy at extremely competitive rates to make sure that your campaign achieves maximum ROI.

Our dynamic approach to online advertising and understanding how online channels work with each other is fundamental to the success of any online campaign. From SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Display here at Sophia we can build an online acquisition model that reaches the right people at the right time of day with the right message

We are creatively owned, originality is at the heart of everything we do.

Oh, and we like to have fun doing it.